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Monday, April 19, 2010

Crist Vetoes Pay-for-Performance Bill under Pressure from Teachers

On Thursday, Gov. Charles Crist, a Republican,vetoed a bill passed by the Republican-controlled Florida Legislature that would have introduced "the most sweeping teacher pay changes in the nation." The bill would have eliminated tenure for Florida public school teachers and tied their pay and job security to how well their students were learning, as measured (among other factors) by objective, standardized tests.

U.S. Secretary of State Arne Duncan is fond of saying, are we going to fix what's wrong with education in this country now, or are we going to keep talking about it for twenty more years? It is in the interest of the NEA, the AFT, and other cogs in the American public education machine to keep government talking instead of acting. Unfortunately for Florida's public school children, the machine won this round. Let's hope that Charlie Crist's abject supplication for votes as an Independent candidate will bring him the political loss he so richly deserves.

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